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Are you looking for Sweepstakes in Raleigh NC? There are many Sweepstakes in Raleigh. But Vegas-Style Sweepstakes is a prime destination for offline and online internet skills games. It is situated on the entire East Coast of North Carolina. It has been operating its business since 2018.

It has a relaxing non-smoking environment and a perfect atmosphere to enjoy the facility that includes more than 100 games inside. Vegas Style NC casino is not limited to in-house games, but it also provides an online gaming experience. 

Some games are totally based on luck but they also provide skill-based games. If a person uses his skill for playing then the chance of winning increases. So, play with a strategy to hit the jackpot and win big.

 It is not limited to Gaming or gambling but it also has a stage for live DJs, karaoke, and live bands. It also provides monthly events, competitions, daily promotions, and online game access. 

Vegas Style NC has a place for perfect dating. People visit Vegas Style not just for gambling but also to experience other fun activities.  

Let’s know about Sweepstakes Casinos.

In the past, a regular casino was legal casinos in the market. But nowadays, In North Carolina Sweepstakes Casino is also a Legal form of casino. Sweepstakes Casinos are gaining popularity in the market of casinos. In a regular casino, you play games just for fun. But in Sweepstakes casinos, you can win real money prizes. 

Sweepstakes Casino deals with gold coins and sweeps coins that give players chances to win real money. Here, the real money of players is at stake so it is important for casinos to deal with security. If players want to play just for fun then they can use gold coins and if they want to deal with real money then they have to play with sweep coins.

Types of games Vegas Style provides:

Are you wondering about online games in North Carolina? Here, Vegas Style NC provides two types of Gaming activities. One is an In-House game and the other one is an online Game. Both In-house and online games have their own advantages and disadvantages.

In-house Games: In-house games were popular long before online games came into existence.  Everything started with house gaming. They provide dozens of gaming facilities. Along with the gaming facilities it also provides fun activities for visitors. It is a thrilling experience that consists of listening to pleasant music in dim lights. It has a wide range of in-house games, some of which are:

  • Thunder Dragon
  • Fish Catch
  • Monster Awaken 
  • Buffalo Thunder
  • Legend of the Phoenix
  • Ocean King 
  • Ocean King 2
  • Golden Legend

Online Games: Online gaming is a video game that we can play online either partially or primarily through the Internet network, laptop, or computer network. Online gaming has increased the scope of online game culture and it suits every type of player that can be of any age, culture, nationality, and occupation. Now you can browse thousands of games through a web browser without visiting the casino. Here you can play games and win money.  It has a wide range of online games, some of which are:

  • King Kong’s Rampage
  • Zombie Awaken
  • Monster Awaken 
  • Buffalo Thunder
  • Legend of the Phoenix
  • Ocean King 
  • Ocean King 2
  • Golden Legend

How to Play with Vegas Style Sweepstakes Casino Games Online & Win Big.

Vegas-style sweepstakes casinos, let’s go through how you can register and convert your winnings into real money prizes.

Register or log in:

Once you find the perfect place to play, you can Visit the Vegas Style website for registration. You simply can log in by entering your email or you can link through your social media account.

Redeem your points:

Once you submit your login process, you will be required to verify your email account. You can find varied values of both gold coins and Sweepstakes coins while entering your account. You can use a special code or promotional code available on the website.

Play the Game:

As your account has been loaded with Gold coin or Sweepstakes coin. You can start to play. If you want to play just for fun you can play with your gold coins. But if you want to win real money then you have to convert your virtual money into Sweepstakes coins. If you play with Sweepstakes coins you can win real money prizes.

Cash-out your win prize:

When you are playing with your Sweepstakes coins, you’ll need to meet a minimum playthrough requirement and withdrawal value before any conversions of a prize. Vegas Style Sweepstakes casinos provide all this information before signing up.

Once you reach the minimum requirements, you can convert your sweepstakes coins into real money prizes. Generally, processing will take 24 hours to complete.


Vegas Style Sweepstakes casinos have allowed you the chance to Play for free, you can pick up further Sweepstakes coins as a part of your daily login bonus and you can repeat the process.

What do the Gold coin and Sweepstakes coin represent?

When you log in an account, you can find varied values of both gold coins and Sweepstakes coins while entering your account. After your account has been loaded with Gold coin or Sweepstakes coin. You can start to play. 

Let’s know about the Gold coins and Sweepstakes coins in brief: 

Gold coins: Gold coins which players can use when they want to play just for fun. It has no cash value. Gold coins can be purchased instantly but can’t be used to play for real money.

Sweepstakes coins: On the other hand, Sweepstakes Coins can’t be purchased instantly. It can only be earned in the games or via promotions. But we can use these coins to earn real money prizes. It often can be awarded as a casino bonus when we purchase a gold coin package. It also can be given out as a welcome bonus for new players. However, we can’t buy the Sweeps coins. 

Vegas Style Sweepstakes and Entertainment.

Vegas Style entertainment: Vegas Style is not limited to online gambling but it also provides a wide range of entertainment and rewards. If you win, you can go with money. If you lose then don’t worry Vegas Style provides lots of entertainment and lost money can be compensated through it. For your entertainment, it provides a perfect atmosphere for your date, with lots of food variety. It has a free wine bar and you can also enjoy music in the background. Over here you can enjoy traditional food, a DJ and a live band.

Vegas Style Rewards: Vegas Style gives different rewards to daily visiting customers. Every win makes you eligible for online game rewards. It has a different level tier for rewards. There are 4 types of reward systems of Vegas Style that are:

  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • DiamondPlus
  • HighRoller


If you aim big, you will win big. Keep your aim big for better rewards. Don’t Settle for low. Play with strategy because Vegas Style Sweepstakes provides skills-based games. You can learn with practice and can earn a big win. 

Vegas Style has a wide range of games. They have dozens of in-house and online games. You just need to register with the casino and you can start to play.  If you just want to play for fun Vegas Style also provides fun gaming. If you want to deal with real money, you can play accordingly.

It has other fun activities for visitors. You can have your perfect date over here. It has the perfect environment for dining, DJ, Live band and music. You can enjoy a wide variety of local food and music.  

It has a really fascinating rewards system. If you are a regular visitor every play and win can make you eligible for the Vegas Style rewards system. The rewards system has different combinations of benefits in every tier. You can earn free play, free coupons, free wins, complimentary drinks and many more.

You can connect with us through Facebook. You can get daily news and updates on Vegas Style NC from Facebook. You can play Sweepstakes casino Games Online and win Big.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1- What are Sweepstakes casinos?

Answer: Sweepstakes casinos are those casinos which deal in gold coins and sweep coins. In this, players can win prizes in real money currency.

2- Are Sweepstakes Casinos different from regular casinos?

Answer: Yes, Sweepstakes casinos are different from regular casinos in many forms. Because it deals with gold coins and sweeps coins. In this, you can win prizes in real money currency. But the regular casino does not deal in real money gambling.

3- Are Sweepstakes Casinos legal in North Carolina?

Answer: Yes, Sweepstakes Casinos are legal in North Carolina. You can visit Sweepstakes casino and you will go through fair procedure.