Vegas Style

Terms And Conditions

Vegas-Style KYC and AML Regulatory Landscape for our Online Gaming Customers have obligated us to verify all users’ identity, age, location, and the source of their funds as part of the KYC/AML process. These checks are crucial in preventing fraudulent activities like money laundering and ensuring that gaming services are not being exploited by malicious individuals.

We collect comprehensive customer information to establish their identity and evaluate their suitability for business relationships. KYC refers to customer identification, which is part of AML compliance designed to confirm a customer’s identity.
AML aims to prevent illegal activities like money laundering and terrorist financing. AML compliance unites many processes to prevent money laundering, including verifying customers’ identities or monitoring transactions for suspicious activity.

All of Vegas-Style customers data is stored in privacy and is for company use only. Each customer must upload a valid, verifiable driver’s license or identification in order to have an account. If we find that your information is not valid, your account will immediately be suspended.